God’s Plan

Jul 23

  “Little children and mental incompetents are not held responsible, but all others will receive either blessings, advancements, and rewards, or penalties and deprivation, according to their reaction to God’s plan when it is presented to them and to their faithfulness to that plan” – Spencer W. Kimball

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When You Meet The Saviour

Jul 22

  “I am not afraid of death. What I am afraid of is that I will meet the Saviour and He will say, ‘You could have done better’” – Spencer W. Kimball

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Refusing to Decide is a Choice

Jul 21

  “Choice in life is not just an occasional thing. We are afloat on a sea of choices. And we ought not to think that we can avoid accountability by refusing to make a choice, because refusing to decide is itself a choice – a choice to be bourne wherever external forces take us.” – Camilla Eyring Kimball

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Decide, Commit, Covenant

Jul 18

  “It is while a person stands undecided, uncommited, and uncovenanted, with choices waiting to be made, that the vulnerability to every wind that blows becomes life-threatening.” Ardeth G. Kapp

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He Trusts Us

Jul 17

  “Surely, our Father in Heaven loves His sons and daughters. He trusts us. That very trust becomes as ¬†an iron rod to which we may cling as we walk the path of immortality. Some stumble and err and violate the trust. They are accountable for what they do… Trust and accountability are two great words by which we must guide our lives if we are to...

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